Author Topic: Learning English Vocabulary and Phrases through Everyday Activities  (Read 2038 times)

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One of the most basic activities of a person is eating and in order to do this, grocery shopping. This can be an activity done with any age group but may be more beneficial for those in secondary education and older. This activity would consist of several components: educational explanation, experience, and equipment.

First, there would be an explanation done of the activity and the purpose of it. The instructor would explain how individuals will be learning the names of common place grocery items, etiquette, and practicing useful phrases.
Then would come the experience of actually doing the activity (whether a mock one in the classroom or, if possible, at the actual store). Individuals would be able to touch different foods and learn what they are. They could ask questions that they were always too intimidated to ask and the instructor would show how certain produce is picked and general knowledge on how things may be used or where certain items can be found.
Finally, the group would be equipped to come on their own. Their knowledge is important but a final step would be in showing them how to ask others when they have questions in the future as well as conversational etiquette when checking out.

These steps show the group how to do a very common place activity in everyday life as well as allowing them to practice their skills and immersion in American culture. I imagine grocery shopping looks a little different in every country and modeling them through this will help them see firsthand on how itís done in the U.S. Also, since this is a regular, recurring personal activity, students would be able to regularly practice their vocabulary and phrases.
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