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Money and Manners
« on: May 13, 2018, 05:22:20 PM »
This one would be most beneficial for a younger age group since it is a common social skill, but would be appropriate for anyone new to learning English, too.
Similar to my previously posted grocery shopping activity (hereís a link to that post), individuals will learn how to have certain interactions in English in the setting of a marketplace.
Students would be given fake money that represents the actual currency and be able to use how much they are given at several stations, which would represent vendors. Students would be playing both roles so they are practicing English with one another (the teacher can be as involved or not as appropriate for each level and situation). As they practice giving and receiving money, they will then switch roles so that they can practice both sides. This will give them perspective on what itís like for the other side and also help them know how to respond better to small talk that usually happens in public.
By practicing through speaking and growing comfortable in practice, this can be a very useful activity in teaching English as well as how to respond to small talk with strangers.
The teacher may choose to create a worksheet with common vocabulary, phrases, and/or sentence starters that students can use during the activity.
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