Author Topic: The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry and What to Do About It  (Read 1440 times)

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Many students struggle with anxiety. The article they would be required to read can help them understand what they are dealing with and how to cope while practicing their reading skills. This would be intended for an high intermediate to advanced level of proficiency. Attached are pre-reading, while-reading, and post-reading activities that can be used to further understanding and critique the text.
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Re: The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry and What to Do About It
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I really liked this article. I think this is something most people can relate to, especially students who have a lot of pressure put on them. I also liked your questions for students by asking for their experiences and how they can use the article in their own life. It doesn't just test their reading but can give them skills to make school and life a little less stressful.