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« on: April 13, 2019, 01:34:14 PM »
Peergrade is a website that allows students to upload their writing assignment to be reviewed by their classmates.

First, you make an assignment for the class. You can make a rubric of questions that students have to go through and answer as they are reading their classmate's writing. You can also make a "classroom" to add your students to so they will receive an email for any new assignments.

Next, students will upload their writing. Once the deadline for uploading has been reached, the website will randomize the essays to other students. The website keeps both the writer and the feedback anonymous. Students then have to go through each question and give feedback before the feedback deadline. Once the feedback is submitted, the writer can look through their feedback. There are some extra features like teacher monitoring and private messages between the student and teacher.

The benefits of this website is that it takes care of all the randomizing of essays and returning feedback for you, while keeping students anonymous. This makes sure that teachers can focus on assisting students on giving feedback and their needs. It can also be implemented in an online course or in a computer lab. The rubric is also very helpful to guide students to look at what they need to evaluate. You can break the rubric into sections so students aren't overwhelmed and only look at thing one at a time. It's also a chance for students to become familiar with the criteria their own paper will be evaluated with.

Some things to keep in mind before using the tool. The website doesn't give any information about FERPA compliance. They only state it is up to the teacher to decide if it meets FERPA regulations. Check with your countries requirements for privacy before using the website. There is also a limit of how many classes and students you can have before you have to pay for the website.


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