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complex Noun Phrases
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:32:08 PM »
Understanding that there is typically more to a noun than just the noun- essentially, the structure of Noun Phrases (NPs), is crucial for reading comprehension as well as writing at beginning levels. When beginning level students write, determiners, adjectives, and prepositional phrases that all modify the noun can tend to be out of order. Helping students understand the structure of noun phrases can help their writing sound a whole lot more sophisticated than it really may be, since frequent use of nominalizations and other noun phrases is common in writing in areas like academia. However, NPs can be tricky because they don't always contain every possible part- NPs can be modified by a determiner, adjective, and prepositional phrase, or nothing at all. The attached activities essentially raise learners' awareness about the different forms NPs may have. Students sort the parts of the NP into categories and see that NPs ALWAYS have a noun, but may not always have a determiner, adjective, or prepositional phrase, though they can. They will also be able to see the ordering of the parts of NPs. This sort of awareness-raising activity will help students in writing and speaking.

Recommended for beginners.