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Teaching rhetoric with listening and speaking activities.
« on: April 13, 2019, 02:59:58 PM »

This is an article that discusses the approach of teaching rhetoric to students, how it has been applied in the ESL context, and gives some activity suggestions to help raise student's awareness of their native rhetoric style and how it different for anglo-american rhetoric.

Here are some activity suggestions given by the article:

  • Help students discover the arrangement of elements of an English essay through different activities. For example, ask students to put a scrambled essay back in the right order. Meanwhile, discuss the structure of an essay and ask why the genre in question demands such an organization. Or as another example, provide students with gap-filling exercises and ask them to choose the words or expressions that suit the register and voice dictated by the genre.

  • Encourage discussions about the genre of the writing task in hand (Rose, 2003). Ask what the purpose of writing the text is. Ask your students who will read the text. Encourage students to speculate about the style, register, and the structure of the text based on its purpose and audience.

  • Talk about the essay as an intellectual tool for critical thinking. Teach English academic writing forms as written media used for displaying higher-order thinking (Sharawy, 2011).
The goal is that students will come in using their native culture's rhetoric style, but through the class they will progress from decoding anglo-american rhetoric through listening to being able to produce this rhetoric in speaking which they can transfer to their writing.

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