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Q & A reading activity
« on: March 13, 2020, 05:05:14 PM »
Mostly reading classes are done with questions and answer activities that go well at any time. I think this is another activity you can do for comprehension check as a during reading activity.

Preparation: you have a text and split the text into several sub-sections (it depends on how many groups of students you have in your class).

In class:
  • Have students read the text.
  • You divide your students into smaller groups of 3-4 students and assign each section to each group.
  • Ask each team to create questions based on the section they are assigned. The questions could be about the content, vocabulary and/or discussion questions. The teacher can present some model questions beforehand.
  • After creating questions, each group asks the other groups their questions.
Teachers could give reward points for correct answers to make the activity more competitive!

*If you want to focus on grammar, you can have students use certain sentence structure (e.g. passive voice) when they create questions.