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Explain in 100 words!
« on: March 31, 2020, 05:44:20 PM »
This exercise is geared towards focusing on thoughtfulness in writing, as well as being concise in writing. The students will be assigned to pick a topic they do not know much about. For example, "traditional Brazilian culture." Then, the students are instructed to do a basic search on it, and then explain one aspect about their topic in 100 words or less.

This exercise can be adjusted to different age groups according to the topic. For example, for younger students, the instructor can assign the students to read a certain picture book in the student's L2, and then give a 100 word (or less) summary about the book. Or, the teacher can give a list of topics that the students can choose from that day. This exercise can also be used to enhance learning about a certain classroom content topic for maybe high school age (i.e. a historical event from history class or a novel from English literature class, a current event, or another concept learned in another class).

Another way to adjust the exercise: change the idea of "100 words or less" to "EXACTLY 100 words." This adds an extra twist to make the exercise more challenging and encourages students to be more selective with words.

To read more about this exercise or read other exercises, click here: [size=78%][/size]