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Comics in the Classroom
« on: May 04, 2020, 09:24:12 PM »
This online resource allows learners to create their own comic strips using premade illustrations. It includes a list of potential ways to incorporate comics into the classroom, including practicing new vocabulary, developing conversational skills through writing thought balloons, or creating original narratives.

If used in conjunction with an extensive or intensive reading project, learners can build on the narrative by creating an alternate ending or placing the characters in a new, original situation using the comics as a way of visualizing their narratives. To focus their language use, learners can also be instructed to include new vocabulary or grammatical structure in their dialogue. In an extensive reading project, the comics can also be used periodically and allow learners to illustrate their interpretation of specific settings and characters.

A complete lesson plan with potential activities using comic strips can be found here. As the plan notes, instructors can also provide constraints for learners' comic strip narratives (e.g., use of a specific location, character, or situation) and allow learners to interpret these constraints within their narratives.
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