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Creating a Class Magazine
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:02:59 PM »
This resource from the British Council outlines the creation of a class magazine, with individual sections created by students and later compiled. Instructors are recommended to bring in various magazines for learners to review and brainstorm the potential sections they would like to include in theirs (sections could include general interest articles, advice columns, horoscopes, interviews, music reviews, etc.). Students are then delegated to create one of these sections.

This activity allows learners to explore and model genre conventions while focusing on their interests. In the process of creating their content, students can provide peer review and receive ongoing feedback on their sections. Students can also work toward a particular theme in the magazine based on course content or pursue this activity as an exploration for other topics of interest. This activity could also facilitate students' use of multimodal resources by selecting/creating relevant images, as well as create online components of the magazine using website creation tools or blog pages.
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