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Literacy Instruction for Young EFL Learners Handout
« on: May 10, 2020, 11:30:48 PM »

In this handout, Dr. Shin explains why literacy instruction for young EFL learners is an important part of their education. She continues and explains how it can be integrated into the classroom in a meaningful-focused and balanced way, highlighting five 'building blocks': immerse[ing] students in print and literature, utiliz[ing] and build[ing] students' background knowledge, model[ing] and teach[ing] various reading and writing strategies, build[ing] vocabulary and automaticity of high frequency words, and giv[ing] explicit instruction in phonics. She goes on to explain how learners should play an active role in learning along with noting the importance of scaffolding and how to do so.

This handout is very informative for those who may be new to teaching younger learners. In very accessible, concise language, Dr. Shin is able to effectively layout not only the importance of literacy instruction for young EFL learners, but also gives simple suggestions on how to do so. This handout would be good for new instructors just starting  if they do not have an extensive background on young learners. New instructors (or even experienced ones) can familiarize themselves and incorporate some of the strategies Dr. Shin explains for effectively instructing young learners.
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