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[Good Website] Dave's ESL Cafe (reading/writing)
« on: March 15, 2021, 02:55:28 AM »
This is an amazing website for ESL teachers who are looking for lesson plans or activities for their students. Indeed, this website not only provides very diverse teaching resources, but all of these teaching resources were also well organized and were written in high quality. What I loved about this website is that you can find a variety of lesson plans or activity plans on this website. For instance, it has 26 different categories and it ranges from Ice Breaker Activities to Business English, and within each category, you can view pages of detailed lesson plans/ activities guides that were written by ESL teachers all across the globe. Although some of the lesson plans/ activities guides might be shorter than you expected, however, there is no doubt that all of the activities were well structured and have been successfully practiced in many ESL classrooms. Indeed, within the well-organized website, you can find all the materials that you are looking for very easily. Besides, all of the lesson plans/activities guides also have a brief description of the lesson goals and information like the student level that the lesson plan/activity guide should be using. In fact, the website is also being constantly updated because every ESL teacher is free to post or add their lesson plan/activity guide on the site.
Further, like previously mentioned, every lesson plan or activity guide that you find on this website can be easily applied to your lesson. For instance, if I’m teaching business English, I could open the website and find the “business English” category, then choosing an activity that I think fits my instruction the best. For example, the activity guide that I find called “bulls and bears” provides the phone call activity for teachers to use in their classroom in order to help their students improve their skill on given numbers through the telephone.
Hope you’ll enjoy this website!