Author Topic: Teaching Adult ESL Literacy to Pre- and Non-literate Students  (Read 7413 times)

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Attached is the powerpoint for the presentation I made about teaching Adult ESL Literacy for refugees and immigrants with limited formal education. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your suggestions for making the information more clear for those not familiar with this topic.

Thank you!

Anita Mumm

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Re: Teaching Adult ESL Literacy to Pre- and Non-literate Students
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 12:37:25 PM »
 This is a really interesting topic and I can't imagine on how it would be being illiterate when adults. Since we assume that adults are or should be literate(at least in their native language) in this world, teaching immigrants or refugees with limited access to formal education is another dimension.  Although I am studying methodology of teaching English, I rarely have come across studies which dealt with the issue yet and maybe it's because we focus more on the acqusition of second language itself not specifically on literacy issue of adults.

I just wonder, how effective teaching a second language for written communication to the adults who are not iliterate at their own language would be, I mean, as they don't have pre-existing writing conventions in their schema, would it work well? Here, we need to define the notion of "well" which seems hard to determine.

how could we develop lessons to enable them to have literacy in second language? Is it the same way as it is for those who are already literate in their language? Does the way have different process in delivering knowledge?  As was described in the text, learning new skills as an adult is demanding. I just want to know more about the sequence of the lessons.

Kyeongsuk :)
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