Author Topic: Easily adaptable vocabulary learning game idea  (Read 82 times)

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Easily adaptable vocabulary learning game idea
« on: May 03, 2021, 06:46:11 PM »
The activity entitled Word Wheel from the website E is for Explore! was posted by Erin Bittman in 2012. This activity (linked here: seems to be a fun way to make vocabulary learning into a game. In this activity, students are given a vocabulary term and are asked to spin a wheel with various tasks related to using and practicing the vocabulary. This could be an enjoyable way to get your students familiar with and actively using and applying some high-frequency vocabulary items through a pre-reading task after a vocabulary lesson, or as a post-reading task using important or novel words from the text. The great thing about this resource is that this game can be adapted very easily to suit any classroom needs. The vocabulary used in the activity can be entirely dependent on the level of the student and the needs of the text your class is reading. In addition, the wheel provided on the website could be modified by the teacher to suit the needs of the class. For example, for a very early reader, simple sections and options like “use the word”, “act it out”, or “draw a picture” might be appropriate. For more advanced readers those options could still be used, but more advanced tasks like “Relate this word to the text”, “give a definition”, “Make a semantic map” or “write a rhyming couplet” could be added. If a specific genre or element of reading or writing is being studied, questions and vocabulary can also be related to genre, plot structure, or textual element, or specific course goals. This activity could also be modified to teach students dictionary strategies, or any number of other vocabulary-related skills.
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