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Digital Annotating with Weava
« on: February 28, 2020, 06:05:56 PM »
Currently, I am working to support ESL writers as they research for their dissertations, so I am always looking for tools that help them stay organized over months of reading and writing!  :o  <--- That's my face as I search the web, high and lo, for free online tools.

I really enjoyed showing my students Weava the last couple years. Weava is a digital annotation software that has an extension that works directly with internet browsers, like Google Chrome, to highlight text/.PDFs. It stores the digital highlights and notes that are made in the user's account for future access.

I usually spend twenty minutes in class demoing and having students sign up for Weava. I assign a homework task that requires digital annotations to be submitted after the demo.

Even when I hear students probably won't use this tool, I like that the demo brings their attention to how efficient using software makes the research process. I especially love the color-coding highlight feature and that it stores the annotations online for easy access.

I am attaching my explanatory .PPT slides with screenshots to this post. I sometimes show students these slides, but I mostly use them to refresh myself on the features before demo day, and then I project my computer screen so the students can actually follow along with me on Weava.

Good luck! Happy annotating!  ;D
Hannah Butler-Auld