Author Topic: Pre-writing activities by Scholastic  (Read 3634 times)

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Pre-writing activities by Scholastic
« on: February 25, 2020, 04:49:18 PM »
Some people might be familiar with Scholastic book fairs, or something similar, where students are able to purchase books during the school day. Scholastic is not only known for their book fairs, but also has great resources offered on their website. While looking for pre-reading activities, I came across these three pre-writing activities, link provided, that encourage student thinking and meet several common core standards. One of the activities involves Padlet, where students are prompted to add their own ideas based on a specific prompt. This helps students get to a point where they can write down ideas and then move onto developing those ideas. Additionally, students can read other studentsí posts on Padlet and perhaps see a theme throughout the response.