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[Good Website/ Textbook] Raz-Kids (reading)
« on: March 15, 2021, 03:18:22 AM »
This can be a great website for teaching reading skills in elementary classrooms or when teaching beginners to intermediate learners. What I loved about this website is that it has a variety of reading books/novels that were separated into different reading levels. There are 29 total reading levels, and it ranges from aa( lowest level) to Z2 (highest level). Since students within one ESL class tend to have different reading levels, and in order to keep every student engaged, itís very important for them to read developmentally appropriate books that fit their reading levels. Thus, this website can be a great tool to use while teaching/practicing reading in an ESL classroom.  Moreover, this website is also free and students can access it any time they want, so that they can easily practice their reading comprehension and fluency even if they do not have access to the school library.
For me, when using the website, Iíll first estimate studentsí reading level based on their daily performance, then test it by asking the students to read a book at that level. If it seems to be too difficult to accomplish or too easy to accomplish, then Iíll adjust their reading level accordingly and ask them to read again in the new reading level until they find the right reading level for that student. Besides, after assigning the correct reading level to each student, I now can easily ask students to practice their reading and fluency during reading time.