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In addition to my own research, which currently focues on the role of Task-Based Language Teaching in the virtual world Second Life, I also am the founder and editor of two education-focused message board communities:  the TESL Writing and Reading Resources Discussion Board, a resource to find and post materials related to the field; and the CMC Forum, a board for the discussion of ideas for using Computer-Mediated Communication in language teaching.  In addition, I am the developer of the CALICO headquarters* in Second Life.  Click on the icons below to visit these resources. If you haven't decided what you want to do in your life yet, leave your homework to professionals from any of best assignment services and devote more time to self-education. Order a cheap essay whenever you encounter difficulties with assignments. Sites like are there round the clock.

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Link to my SL Home--CALICO Headquarters

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*to visit the CALICO Second Life headquarters you'll need the Second Life program installed (and open) on your computer.

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Follow the links on the top of the page to learn more about my teaching, research, and personal interests.


The link to my course syllabi will take you to my current and previous course information.  Check out EIL 587, which is a course about CMC and the teaching of ESL.  You will find a number of CMC links on that page as well!